OperationalStoreOptions in xUnit

I had little issue with creating IOptions<> to use it with xUnit, so below is solution:

var operationalStoreOptions = Options.Create(new OperationalStoreOptions());

Example using
Constructor in my class with DbContext looks like:

public ApiContext(
    DbContextOptions options,
    IOptions<OperationalStoreOptions> operationalStoreOptions)
    : base(options, operationalStoreOptions)

Corresponding lines of code in my xUnit test class:

using IdentityServer4.EntityFramework.Options;
using Microsoft.Extensions.Options;

var options = new DbContextOptionsBuilder<ApiContext>()
                .UseInMemoryDatabase(databaseName: "WebApp")

var operationalStoreOptions = Options.Create(new OperationalStoreOptions());

await using (var context = new ApiContext(options, operationalStoreOptions))

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