Using the OpenAI API in a C# console application

Repo: To run it, you need to provide your own API key. Sample code with request to generate new image: Sample results of image generation: Big dogs flying a plane to Mars Dogs like top gun

Truffle test – ReferenceError: accounts is not defined

When you run command ‘truffle test’ and get error:“ReferenceError: accounts is not defined” To fix this, use below code line:contract(“Contract”, async (accounts) => {} and put test code between brackets e.g.:

Create new ERC20 token – smart contract

Sample smart contract to create your own token: The same code, but with a hard-coded name, symbol and initial supply: Sources:

Mock IConfigurate in xUnit

If you want mock IConfiguration use following code: or copy secrets.json configuration file to output directory: projectName\bin\Debug\netcoreapp3.1 and then use following code in ContextFixture: Config json file e.g. secrets.json:

Secret storage in .NET

Enable secret storage:Type “dotnet user-secrets init” into Package Manager Console <UserSecretsId> can be found in .csproj file. Set a secret (Package Manager Console):dotnet user-secrets set “ApiKey” “test123” or to remove it:dotnet user-secrets remove “ApiKey” To check if exists:dotnet user-secrets listorManage secret through GUI -> right click on project -> Manage User Secrets -> it opensContinue reading “Secret storage in .NET”

The term ‘dotnet-ef’ is not recognized – Entity Framework error

Quick post about fixing Entity Framework, probably common error when you want to use ef for the first time e.g. you installed Visual Studio on new pc, fresh os, new project etc. and want to make dotnet-ef migrations or database update. Error message:“dotnet-ef : The term ‘dotnet-ef’ is not recognized as the name of aContinue reading “The term ‘dotnet-ef’ is not recognized – Entity Framework error”

Scaffolding in .NET Core (generate API controllers – CRUD (or MVC controller with views in necessary)

Right click on ‘Controllers’ folder –> Add –> New Scaffolded Item… For api controller without views select ‘API Controller with actions, using Entity Framework’ and click ‘Add’.If MVC then choose ‘MVC Controller with views, using using Entity Framework’ On next view select your model (you need create model before generate code) and select data contextContinue reading “Scaffolding in .NET Core (generate API controllers – CRUD (or MVC controller with views in necessary)”