Git – removing password, sensitive data from older commits (history)

In a nutshell: If you have inadvertently committed confidential data, e.g. passwords, there is a way to delete this information from git commits history. I use BFG Repo-Cleaner that you can download from: Before any steps please make a backup of your repo to ensure you don’t lose anything. I show example commits andContinue reading “Git – removing password, sensitive data from older commits (history)”

OperationalStoreOptions in xUnit

I had little issue with creating IOptions<> to use it with xUnit, so below is solution: var operationalStoreOptions = Options.Create(new OperationalStoreOptions()); Example usingConstructor in my class with DbContext looks like: Corresponding lines of code in my xUnit test class:

Terminating process that occupy the specific port

In a nutshell: This post is about kill the process that occupying port that we want to use. Sometimes when you developing app on your local machine you can encounter port blocked. In my cases, these were ports 4200 and 5001. For example after using ng start command for start Angular frontend application or dotnetContinue reading “Terminating process that occupy the specific port”